Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day

My father Lt. Col Henry J. Wolff
Lead Navigator B17 Flying Fortress
World War II  
War Hero and My Hero
Love and miss you so...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Long Beach Open Studio Tour

Long beach open studio tour kept me so busy making earrings that I didn't even post it here...
Had a really time...GeriatriX got to play on Sunday and that was very cool...
Realized I had no interest in promoting my jewelry...I did' even hand out cards...Music seems to be my main thing now...
I did have some nice sales however and to some very nice people...Husbands buying their wives a little something....
No Pics...I was too busy....

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The GeriatriX

 I am in a ukulele group with a couple from the Long Beach Ukulele Club...An old friend of mine jumped on board to play bass with us and his contribution has added so much...Nothing like a seasoned bass player to take things to another level...
Here is a photo of us playing at Fox Coffee House, a cool little place that conveniently opened up at the end of my street...Open Mike nights on Thursday and Saturday got us our first taste of performing.

This little band of ours is a lot of fun and the people who are involved, Jeri, Mike and Gerald have made our little group a joy...

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Monarch Butterfly needs your help

I spotted this little cocoon near a vent on my house
I kept a close eye on it...

Then one morning I saw this
A darkening and the faint image of orange wings!

Within minutes this happened!!

slowly pulling itself out of the cocoon

found its way to a Milkweed bush

Full beautiful splendor 

This was an absolute joy to watch...
and now you can have this happen in your own backyard!!

Please plant milkweed in your garden ....
The monarch butterflies need it for their survival..
You will be so happy that you did...this is something you can share with your children and grandchildren...Help to teach them the wonders of nature...and the miracle of birth..

I am enclosing a all the's so informative...then
 get some FREE SEEDS to fill your garden with
color and to save these beautiful creatures.

Here is the link...the butterflies and Beatnheart will love you

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Fabulous $50 Giveaway

The wonderful people over at THE GREATERGOOD SHOP and Novica are promoting their new GreaterGood shop and are offering you, my readers, a $50 gift certificate.

At THE GREATERGOOD SHOP every purchase you make gives back to a
worthy cause, at no extra cost to you! Each of the
cause-related websites partners with non-profits
and provides support through many
different easy actions.

A portion of the purchase price of each item you buy
goes to your choice of these important causes...

You can decide where your money goes by selecting from various categories within the shop.

How about ANIMAL RESCUE?  one that is near and dear to my heart..   Purchases here have funded the value of more than 450 million bowls of food for rescued animals!

Or RAIN FOREST   everything you buy from this section helps saves and protects the Rain Forest...How awesome is that!

WORLD HUNGER   Purchases here have funded the value of more than 820 million cups of food for the hungry!

  Take a look at the fabulous clothing options in the Apparel section.  Of course I gravitate to shawls...
one of the many amazing shawls
Just think you could get this for your very own while helping a worthy cause...

In case you are not familiar with THE GREATERGOOD SHOP, this fabulous shop sells handmade items made by artisans all over the world.   This provides a opportunity for them to make a living at doing what they do best, make glorious products that are not only quality merchandise but shopping here is a win-win situation for all of us..


And now with the new sister store, you know your money is going to a good cause.  Every purchase helps people, pets and the planet..YOU CHOOSE where you want your money to go.

   Maybe someone in your family suffers from  ALZHEIMERS...Shop in this category and your purchase gives much needed dollars toward research of this horrible disease.. Purchases here have funded over 185 hours of Alzheimer's research.

Purchases here have funded the giving of more than 187,000 books to children in need.

Or this...perfect for a chilly night by the fire

In this fabulous new shop you can find clothing, jewelry, gifts, pet items and more..

I  love these bright colored mitts!

HOW ABOUT another fabulous category of merchandise?  HOME DECOR

how about this cool mug?
or something for your sister?

Help save the planet by using these cups instead of plastic throw aways!

You can even get pet supplies....
Wouldn't this Herbal Healing Salve be something you would want around the house for those unexpected emergencies?

I am so excited about this new store...  I love to spend my money here!  So please help spread the word about this fabulous new venture 

Go to any of the links and pick something fabulous out...something you want to win!



One lucky person gets  a $50 gift certificate from THE GREATERGOOD SHOP...It could be you...

This contest will remain open until March 15th midnight.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Still Here with rainbows in my room

I had this beautiful, mysterious rainbow on my studio ceiling...
it kept me guessing as I ran around touching my many crystals hanging in all my windows ( I was obsessed with Haley Mills and especially the movie PollyAnna...So the crystal fascination is from that movie)...I had to find the one that was causing this amazing and enchanting happening...
It was the CD sitting on my worktable...I had just got it in the mail from a friend in Sturgeon Bay...The CD was by Chris Aaron, an amazing guitarist, blues artist from Madison and associated with the Holiday Music Motel and SteelBridge Songfest ...Chris just passed away two weeks ago .. The rainbow.... eerie but oh so magic.

My time right now seems to full of rest and tv viewing...I am well aware..not very cool  but I think it is just what I need right now...mostly I am watching Netflix and loads of British television ...also I just discovered Doctor Who...I know, where have I been, but I am watching some back series and catching up...I love the show...I'm glad I finally discovered witty clever and great acting...

My Doctor

Hope everyone has a beautiful autumn..  I can finally rest easier ... having made it through the summer...I go kinda crazy in the heat...not my favorite time of the year.
but this is...

Till next time..

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine June issue...

I am in the Summer edition, June 2014, of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine.

I remember the days when I would sit in Barnes and Noble, drooling over this magazine...
This was before I even was making jewelry.   Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would one day actually be in it.  And now, this is my fourth time...each time the article is bigger and better...

This time they used a collection of my polymer clay pieces...

Some wrapped up pods

Southwestern inspired disks and handmade beads...

So grab yourself a coffee at your local Barnes and Nobles, pick up this mag and have a look.
And because it's so cool, take it to the counter and buy it...It's an amazing magazine filled with extraordinary work....

Thanks so much to the editor-in-chief, Cynthia Leavens, for her continued support of my work.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Brocante Days

As many of you know, I used to be a antique dealer.  I turned professional
some 30 years ago ...first by selling almost weekly at various flea markets in the Los Angeles area and
then getting a space at a well known brick and mortar store in Santa Monica, where I stayed for thirteen years...

Well the store closed down...not for lack of business, but because the building was sold to make way for condos...I panicked at the time, wondering what I would do next.   The idea of selling at flea markets again surely did not appeal to me...loading up the car, getting up at ungodly hours in the morning, sitting in the hot sun all day and then at the end of the day packing all that stuff up again...I just couldn't face it anymore.  I looked at various other places to sell and none were very good...I was in one of the best places in the city and nothing would compare to it I decided to retire from the business all together...The store did re-locate, this time in Venice, but my heart was telling me to back was time to retire and move on to something else.

Wertz brothers antique market  santa monica, california

I had spent 30 some years looking, digging, driving, packing, shipping, cleaning and repairing thousands and thousands of things...I was very successful at it and enjoyed it...but the idea of still doing it had lost its glow...It was also getting harder to find things at good prices...prices so good that it warranted shipping the stuff long distances, many times from England and France, at a great cost and lots of wrapping and bubble wrapping to insure its safe arrival here.

I was burnt out...

I had not had a real vacation since I started the business...everywhere I went involved shopping and packing and shipping...the airport was always a nightmare...I remember in the pre 9/11 days of showing up at the airport with 20 boxes of stuff and slipping the skycab some cash for him to break a few rules and get my boxes on that plane....or arriving at Heathrow airport in London, only to be asked by Custom officals to unpack all my suitcases, which I carefully packed so nothing would break ( those were the days that I would bring two empty trunks and fill them up) and then there I was ...sweating bullets, late for the plane, with bubble wrap and literally hundreds of items laying all over the floor...and then I had to pack them up ...again...hellish!

it felt like all I did was shop...

 I still have lots of stuff left....beautiful things...

 Mr. Beatnheart and I have a plan of leaving LA
(although I must confess, I have had that plan for about 40 years now!)  but I know what happens too, after witnessing it many many times, what happens when people get older...You can no longer maintain the big houses, the storage spaces, the garages bursting at the seams...filled with stuff and boxes of things you don't even know what is in them anymore.  I have gone to a thousand estate sales...and those old houses filled to the rafters with things the old folks kept as the houses fell to disrepair...well I want to be pro-active and begin cleaning out my house and my boxes and pass my treasures on to new homes...

give this beautiful weiner dog a home

So I am listing many of my treasures, the things that I have kept in my personal collection,
 in my beatnheartvintage shop on etsy...

I have hung on to many of these things for years because I loved them and
they meant something to me....but now I am ready to let them go...and I 
want to make room in my life for the new things that have meaning...

So stop by the shop...I will be listing almost everyday ( well that is the "Big Plan")
Wish me luck because I'm going to need it...


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