Monday, October 31, 2011

A Lalique Femme de Mer fountain now graces my bedroom window.

This  beautiful cast glass masque was just floating
around in our back garden.  I asked English husband,
“could you make me a water feature outside our rather
dark and dreary second bedroom window?"

and of course before I knew it, he was
busily at work doing just that.

and a miracle occured.

Lovliness...tranquilty...gently trinkling water.
The sound is all throughout the house.

Now I sit and meditate and stare at her pretty face.
The tv doesn’t even go on.  
Talk about a transformation.

The Feng Shui has changed.
The bad mojo banished.
The yin and the yang are in harmony.

The whole room  is now a retreat of serenity.


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