Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wrapped, Stacked and Layered.


That is the title of the challenge that the lovely Tracy over at “Make Bracelets” has put together.
 I thought well why the heck not...cause I’ve been banging out the bangles
since my girl FancifulDevices had put out her " Gypsy Bangle Stacks tutorial”.

It all started modestly enough

A few Czech seed beads...some glass beads and a swallow
charm I had from a past life.

Then I had some blue and grey ties from pajamas
and old sweat pants cause I have a hard time throwing anything away
well cause I might be able to use that someday...

and a miracle happened.

I did use em...

I threaded those old cords onto the wire, wrapped them,
fluffed em..splashed some ink on  them here and there...
added buttons and bows and bells and whistles.

Then it was...

add some fabric and wrap that and wrap that again
and then what about those filagree beads you never used and
then all those seed beads you have so many of...
And then Anvil Artifacts sent me some cool brown agate beads
those will go nice with these... and two plain bangles from my
real hippy days.

Then I thought about “White Wedding”

Nice day for a white wedding

You know that old timey song from Billy Idol...
hey I think he was wearing bangle stacks in that video of the song...
anyhow what about making something for the alternative bride...
The bride that he was singing about.
so I did these with Miriam Haskell like pearls and crystals and such.

So while I was in my “White Period"

back in...oh yeah March...
I added these to the mix..

Time to start waxing them...which is what we learned
in our tutorial by the incomparable Fancifuldevices...
so I gooed on the!  Instant aging...
Looks as if Keith Richards wore these everyday since
the 70s while he was rollin around in the gutters and
sweatin on stage and such.

Yeah I’m kinda obsessed with these...I have tried everything
I could think of so far....I’m not done yet...So many beads out there
unbangled...needing to be ...wanting to be.
orphans left alone without a purpose in life
flailing about aimlessly...wanting to belong...
littering the hiways and byways and the bottoms of you drawerways.

The Final Forty

A cumulation of my efforts and all of my techniques

so far.....

Hey...wanna make your own bangle stacks?
Here’s Fancifuldevices TUTE
Haven’t seen enough?
Want to see the rest of the gang that entered the challenge?
As soon as I can figure out how to do the link to the other
80 people that joined this I will post it down here..

Sorry couldn’t get it to work so....

This is Tracy’s site where you will find the rest of the challengers

enjoy the day and have fun looking at all these creative ladies..


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