Saturday, December 1, 2012

More stuff...and not the pretty kind

Little boy Mr. Ginger was poorly for several eating,
no drinking, bones protruding...well I thought, I’m loosing my
little guy.  He didn’t crawl out of his basket for days.  I played healing
Reki music, massaged him, lit candles...

In the middle of the night, he jumped up on the bed and barely breathing
snuggled oh so close as I cried and with tears streaming  down my cheeks
I said my good-byes.  He came up to die in my arms I thought.

I didn’t expect to see him in the morning still alive...  then we noticed a big lump on the side of his throat.  Mr. Beatnheart took him to the vet where he was rushed into surgery for
a puncture wound.  A puncture wound?  Now where in the world would this indoor cat get a puncture wound? I can’t even imagine.But after an overnight stay, he is back with us,
humiliated with his plastic collar...eating, drinking. even jumped on his
favorite chair in the window and stratched the couch for good measure.
So a big sigh of relief and maybe now I can get some work done as our little home
is back to a certain degree of normal.

He is 14 years old and since his momma died he is a different cat.
He is very “verbal” now...lots of talking and chatting.
A friend came over to play guitars and was wondering what a missing
chord was...Ginger just chirped it right out...pitch perfect...
That’s my boy...


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