Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Working on the Garden

the Cecil Brunner Rose canopy.

Our garden is a never ending process of weeding, cleaning,
pruning and editing.  When you live in Southern California
the garden goes dormant for about a month and then it kicks
into high gear once again.   Therefore you are always
trimming, cutting back, weeding and transplanting.  
For some, this sounds like heaven, but when you have
to garden somewhat nonstop, it gets to be a little
tiring.  Everyone admires Bougainvillea...it
is for a fact a beautiful looking plant...But it
grows like crazy and the thorns on it are deadly sharp.
Cutting it back is not for the faint hearted.   You end
up shredded and cut and bleeding.  And if you
turn your back for one second and do not pay
attention,  it has made it’s wicked way to the
far reaching corner of the garden and it sends 
off new and razor sharp branches and back you
go standing high on a ladder hacking it down
once again.

I have been working in the “driveway garden” and
trying this year to get it to look pretty and feel great
as it is closest to the kitchen door and so it makes a great place
to hang out and also to work on my antiques.

So I am creating my little vignettes.

We don’t park our cars in the garage as it is my working 
space.  And we have stopped pulling the car behind this
gate.  I am attempting this year to pull this area together
to create a really nice place to have a meal and have
the neighbors over.

I love geraniums.  Mine just stay in pots all year
and in the Spring I repot them with fresh soil and
compost from my worm bin.

This is how many weeds came into
our front garden this year...
Overwelming...again, turned our back for a minute
and boom... they took over.

This is after Mr. Beatnheart worked all afternoon
clearing them out.  More work to do still.  This whole front
garden needs to be dug out, weed cloth barrier put in, and
new gravel layed.   Who ever said a grass free garden is low
mantainance obvioulsy never had one...like I said
never ending work.


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