Friday, January 28, 2011

For the Love of Vintage Clothes...

I have had a passion for vintage clothing since I
bought this very nightgown 
out of the 25 cents drawer at the old St. Vinnie’s
in Sheboygan, Wisconsin...

 The year was 1971...

This was one of the best I ever bought and the
fact that it has my mothers name on it only adds
to its appeal

tiny little stitches applique this lace onto the gown..
the monogram is the most delicate stitching...
unheard of today.

Since then, the allure of silk and handmade
lace has caused by heart to skip a beat when
I spot things like this at an Estate Sale...

this one was a recent find...found at the
bottom of a box with 3 others...
one with a matching bed jacket.

This exceptional nightgown is sewn on the bias with a halter top
and cut out back...

The fabric is a beautiful, flowery, rayon print...
circa 1930’s.

Vintage clothing gives you the opportunity to stand out...
to not look like anyone else
to be unique.
and for the most part
if you are very diligent
you find these things at a fraction
of what it costs to buy new...

The quality is incomparable...

hand sewn seams

tiny, tiny stitches

sometimes made by hand with the utmost care...

Through out the years I have bought and sold many
beautiful antique clothes...

some I wish I still had.

The days of finding these shirts for 5o cents is long gone.

This one was $195 at a vintage clothing store on
Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.

why oh why didn’t I buy these shoes?

You can still find beautiful things.  I do it all the time
and it’s for that reason I’m up tomorrow  morning at 5:30,
gulp down my coffee, jump in the car map in one hand,
the morning paper in the other with all the garage and estate sales
circled,as I do my rounds in the dim morning light 
searching for the next best thing...

Here’s to all you fellow hunters...
Happy Hunting this Weekend..


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