Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I’ve Just Joined A New Band...

 our first publicity photo...fab, gear.
I think we’ll go far...

he’s secretly in love with me...

Even though I’m A Loser, Paul said “When I saw her Standing There”, I just
knew she was perfect for the band. They were holding auditions on Penny Lane
and I  just came walking in looking  a bit like I had a Hard Days Night but when I
played and sang with them it just clicked, magical, meant to be..  But “She’s a Woman”
Ringo cried, we can’t have a bird in The Beatles.!!  John said “Woman” please let
me explain and I said “Help” i need an aspirin.  Paul said “I Want to Tell You” that I
“Got to Get you into My Life”....”Please, please Me”, I cried...In My Life I have
waited and waited for this.   “Wait” no more John bellowed...Your In luv..
Oh Darling!  I gasped.  I know that “Something” big is going to happen with this band.  “Girl” crooned Paul,  Abbey Road is waiting for you.  and so the rest is history..Good Night and The End...

The entire Beatles catalog has just been released on iTunes...It’s time
to revisit the soundtrack of my teen years and the fab moptops that
helped shape me. I was Beatle crazy from day one, got to see them in person
twice, from this day still know all the words, and enjoy playing their songs
on my Uke.  I love The Beatles and always will.


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