Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stumbling along, alone...

Stumbling Along,Alone...
Well I finally found my way back here!! I couldn' find my own blog.. What a start! ..This is a journey of a
beginning computer owner (this is where the late bloomer aspect comes in) trying
to catch up with what everyone was doing 15 years ago...We resisted for a long
time( our insecurities I guess) but when you want to move along in this world
you must change with it and sometimes the old fashion ways no longer work...
So watch as I move forward..My goal is an up and running blog that features my
work as a jeweler ,buying trips, pretty pictures and the ups and downs of a woman
way past the edge of seventeen,as she navigates her way,living her life and trying to grow and
posper(and learning to spell)...With loving thanks to Tongue in Cheek...


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