Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Almost Done!

Part of doing taxes is dealing with end of the year inventory.
It is a time of reviewing your glories...
and your mistakes...

and the piles of stuff..
that you just threw in the garage...
comes back to haunt you.

the phrase “why did I buy that!”  rings in my ears...
and so now you must sort everything out, record it and try
to remember what the heck you paid for it...

Deer antlers were huge last year and my dear brother
kept me well stocked by shipping them to me from Wisconsin.

Yikes, what a mess...

It is also a time of reflection.
Maintaining a business is hard work.  Trying to make “a living”
selling old stuff can be a wild ride roller coaster because
you never know if the rent will get paid or even if
you’ll break even.  Last years fad is this years white elephant
and you end up getting stuck with it.

and then the taxman, and the business licence man wanna come
and take what little you make away.

but for me buying old stuff is fun.   

The buying part that is.

So now I take stock, and try and see what the next “hot” thing
will be.  Because the worst part of it all is is all the stuff
left over at the end of the year...

The “what was I thinking??? stuff.

the broken stuff..

The I’ll refinish that stuff.

only a few of the lamps that need rewiring

Thanks for hanging in there and I appreciate all you kind support.   I new
venture is not that big of a deal and I hope I didn’t lead you on to think I’ve gotten signed to
Sony Records or Oprah has chosen me to be her West Coast eyes and ears and given me my own
TV show.   It’s small potatoes kids...   I’ll keep you posted as things progress when and if they do...

Peace out...caw


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