Tuesday, April 13, 2010


  I have been searching for you...you were never to be found.   I have looked in nooks and crannies.
In dirty garages with dust motes floating and cobwebs dripping and smells smelling and grunge lurking.
 I know you were somewhere...but where?   How long must I search?   Other people have found you...
I've seen you with them but you were always just out of my reach.  And then suddenly, that Sunday
morning, turning the corner, there you were! I approached quickly, knowing how desireable you
are.          Everybody wants you...   But now you are mine!

I don't care that you are a little boy (Twiggy?)  and not a full blown woman...You have the characteristics
I craved.   The long slender neck.  The gentle curve of the shoulder.  And your skin!  Just the right
golden, color...the perfect amount  of crazing....Born in the 40's (one of my favorite decades!)
I dress you up in one of my favorite old silk nightgowns... The hand embrodiered lace slips and 
slides gently over your delicate skin.  Of course it fits you...A perfect clothes horse.
I put you in the alcove with the Eastern exposure...Look at how the light hits
your contours.. A Burne- Jones Painting!!  
I put you in my Wedding Dress...Again...Perfect..

My Muse...My Galatea... My Jane Burden...
A Perfect  Model.

And now gentle reader...check out this hot woman-child in
the Beatnheart Boutique!!  We're right next door..
  Already I have been designing new things...
just for her.


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