Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kitty cat update

Well my friends miracles do happen... Prayers do get answered... And sometimes when you think that what you have in front of you is a lost cause you get a reprieve. Such is the case with my little cat Princess. That amazing tiny little animal of mine has made a stunning, unbelievable come back. She is on my lap as I write this... " marching" away, creating her own little nest on her human mommy.   She jumped up here on my daybed on her own steam...something I thought I would never see again as just two short weeks ago I was lookin into having her.... ( words that I can't even say out loud).   She was so bad that I called my husband at work and said " this is it... You better come home". She couldn't even make her way to the water dish.    But a miracle happened in our little cottage.

     Here is what I did. She was still eating but oh so very skinny so I thought"what fattens you up?"... Fats... So I started to put olive oil on her food. She loved it and lapped it up with a crazy gusto and she started to become more alert and started to put on some weight and I would find her in the living room, the bathroom shower floor lapping up drops of water and now jumping up on the bed... A miracle ... A bonafied miracle... The work of a divine agency!
 Another thing I did... I let her go. I didn't hold on so tight... I stopped worrying...fretting obsessively... I went back to my yoga classes which let me tell you folks...get out of the house and on your yoga mat and find yourself and your focus and your breath.  It works for real and I could go on and on about the benefits of a yoga practice.

   Now mind you she is still blind and still skinny and her days I am sure are numbered, but then whose days aren’t.   Meanwhile...I can relax a bit more and get to enjoy my little best friend a little while longer.

 Life is like that... A roller coaster of events...downs and ups... Fast and slows... When you think it can't get any darker it starts to brighten up. It has taken me many years to stop dwelling in a negative headspace. I was brought up to worry. I came from worry and fear and negativity... I have had to claw my way out of that way of thinking and as you all know it is a lot easier to live in the comfort zone of the familiar than pinching yourself  in the midst of a negative thought and saying out loud STOP!
stop what your thinking..  " change the channel” as my friend Larry use to say.  Pull yourself out of the gloom and doom and think another thought, a better thought.   Be grateful for all you have and the daily miracles that are available to you, once you allow them to come to you.


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