Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have had some requests to see Wertz Brothers
the wonderful antique market in Santa Monica, California
where I have had the pleasure of being a part of for 12 years.

You can find all manner of wonderful merchandise here.

excuse me!


and here is....

a view of my space
# 212

these are the great concrete and plaster dogs that I found last week.

another dealers beautiful space...
chippy, sparkling, gorgeousness..

This is one of the prettiest spaces in the mall

This dealer told me that she goes to Roundtop, Texas
every year to bring back some of this quality merchandise...

dreamy whites

curious oddities....

Another fine looking space.

Another dealers great space.

A great eye for finding just the right 
merchandise is the hallmark of the dealers in this mall and it is what makes 
being in here extra special...
The waiting list to sell here is long...You have to sell the
right quality and keep the tone of the place to a certain standard...

not only do they buy right, they know how important
a beautiful display is...

I started selling antiques in 1989...It all began when I realized that I had
too much stuff and  I needed to get rid of some things , so I thought I would get a space
at a little local elementary school flea market.  I did so well that first day that I formulated a plan in which 
I would shop and buy stuff that I didn't plan on keeping for myself.   I booked a space for the following 
month and the same thing happened.  People were gathered around  me as I 
pulled stuff out of my station wagon.   I thought, hmmm... maybe I could  make a
living doing this.   So I sold at Flea Markets in the LA area for awhile until a friend of
mine asked  me to share a space at this very mall...We are still partners here.
  It sure beats hauling stuff to a flea market every month.  

Selling here is a pleasure.  We get a lot of celebrities
and star decorators coming in.  They know that the
place will deliver the goods.  We also get a lot
of movie people looking for props.  I have seen some
of my things in movies and magazine layouts.
That is just one of the percs of doing business in Los Angeles.


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