Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It is with great sadness that I have to report that my dear cousin Kathy died Sunday June 27th after
receiving fatal head injuries from a motorcycle accident that occurred on Saturday June 26th at 4:30pm.
 Kathy and her husband Guy, were traveling on Highway 78, near Merrimac, Wisconsin, when their
Honda Gulfwing motorcycle was struck by a 24 year old woman who had just done a U-turn in front of them on the highway.  Kathy, who was wearing a helmet, was airlifted to a nearby hospital, died the next day.   Her husband Guy, remains in the hospital with critical internal injuries.  An investigation into the accident is being held.     

   My heart is heavy with sadness as Kathy was my favorite cousin.  Always so giving, kind and generous.
     Easy going and cheerful, she was a hairdresser who was always willing to give the entire family
 cuts, perms and color just for the sheer joy of sharing and giving to the ones she loved.  I can picture her fixing 
my grandma’s hair in her kitchen, with others waiting their turns.

  My last memory of Kathy was on a visit to Wisconsin a few years ago.   Her husband had just gotten a job as an Executive Chef at a very fancy resort just outside of Princeton.    She took me there for a fantastic meal cooked by Guy, a very fancy dessert  and afterwards we sat in an exclusive, swanky lounge where we drank Cognac and smoked a cigar.  We laughed so hard and remembered so many things we did when we were children while visiting our Grandparents house in Merrill, Wisconsin, up in the northern woods.  My grandparents owned a tavern there and the whole family took the place over, with cousins running all over the place as our parents drank and played cards, a Wolff family tradition.

  Kathy and I had a wonderful time together that day and bonded after a long time of not seeing one another.    I shall miss her tremendously and my sincere sympathy and prayers go to Guy.

Kathy’s mother Ann and her big brother Henry, my papa, are welcoming her into heaven.


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