Sunday, November 7, 2010

Farm Aid...

Farm Aid Concert on October 2nd.

                                                       Willie Nelson and Steve Tyler

Neil Young

The concert took place at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin...It was one of the best
concerts that I’ve been in awhile.   The Fun Factor was off the scale.  This photo was taken
when we first arrived at 11am...This ball park is amazing.  There is a retractable roof on this
enormous, space age looking building.

Nora Jones pretty and so naturally talented with a beautiful voice, gifted piano playing,
and charismatic stage presence.   I just love her.

 Ten hours later...full house!

Willie Nelson and N.Y.

At ll:30 pm the whole ensemble came out to do a few songs...It was a long day but
really a great one.


Sign me up for next year!    What a day...

Stay tuned....I’m planning a Giveaway.


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