Saturday, March 3, 2012

Doing Taxes...yeah right.

Yesterday was such a beautiful, hot day.
Mr. Beatnheart and I have our tax appointment
on Monday morning at 11am.
This is a stressful time for us and we

so instead of doing them I did this ...

my latest addiction...making polymer beads.

I said to Mr.B.."can you imagine your parents
sitting outside together making beads?"
I mean really we are like a couple of kids.

These little beads are just so cool to make and
with practically instant results.  I was able
to sit outside and roll these out, poked in the holes
and then rolled them on the concrete and then on
 a old ratty sponge.

bake for 15 minutes...
 I wonder if they would bake in an
Easy Bake Oven ?   remember those.
I always wanted one but never got one.

Then the fun part.  Painting them...
all of this is experimentation  for me...I’ve never done it before...
haven’t taken any classes...I  do it like I do everything else.
I just do it.

Mr.B brought out bronzing powders and pastes and inks...
cool.  I’m trying em all.  I love the way these are turning out...

Maybee I’ll make somepin like these with em.

So that is how I did my taxes.  Today is Saturday.
Another nice day is predicted...

wish me luck.


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