Monday, June 20, 2011

Life is Sweet...

Since opening my Etsy shop...

my life has taken quite a turn.

I am feeling successful!

It is  everything I could hope for..

a creative and fun way to follow my dream
and keep my passion for shopping for
antiques alive.

In fact it has completely revitalised me.  I feel like
I did when I first started selling.   Etsy is a wonderful way
to have your own business...I love taking the pictures, editing them,
finding the stuff and most of all coming in contact with a lot of other
buyers and sellers.   What a concept!    This old gal is renewed.
I had sales right away and things just keep rolling along.
I am shocked...amazed and so very grateful.  It just feels
wonderful to be doing something that gets rewarded.  

You may remember a while back that I applied for a “real job” and
to my complete shock, I was hired. did not turn out
as I had hoped.  I never got the  hours I was told I was going to
get, certainly not the health insurance and the stress just about
did me in.   Face it, Beatnheart is just not cut out for a straight job!

  While I was waiting for the hours to pick up, I decided to get the 
Etsy shop going.   I had opened it over a year ago but never
had the courage to put anything in it.  So, one day, I just jumped in
and went for it.  I had time to put effort into it
 because I was not working as I had expected. And the whole thing
took off.    I called my boss and told her the job was just not working out
for me and low and behold the weight was lifted off my shoulders,
birds started to sing again and I feel as if I had been directed to do
what I have been meant to who I am.  What a delightful
feeling to know that you are on your proper path...

Thanks so much to all of you who have given me support and
encouragement and most of all to your helpful tips on how to get going...and for now
I am happy and content and love  working in my jammies!  If
I never see a “business casual” outfit again it won’t be too soon.


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