Monday, September 20, 2010

Giuseppe De Piero...The Opening.

My husbands opening was a wonderful night.
I got to see alot of people from my past, some that
I haven’t seen in ten years.  The gallery was
full of people.

I got to meet some bloggers...My first up close and personal
meeting with the talented couple over a The House On Red Hill.
Check out the blog as they update their old home into a 
fabulous place.

   My neighbor Candy and famous actor Cameron Dye
who starred in the movie Valley Girl. A super talented actor
and a good in LA.

We have known Elisa & Paul for a long time.


There is going to be a Special Closing Party on
Saturday, October 9th...

wish you all could attended.

and to those of you who did,
Thank You!

I’ll be away from my desk from Sept. 25th through Oct. 5th.  I am going to
Wisconsin to visit family, go to some Flea Markets, meet some bloggers
and going to FarmAid on I’ll see you when I get back...

thanks so much , Cynthia


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