Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunny Afternoon...In Riverside

This exhibit at The Riverside Museum
showed different ways in which we 
decorate ourselves throughout history
and in different cultures.

Tattooing in Polynesia

American Indian tribes used  beads to decorate
their shoes, clothing and household goods.

Glorious 1920’s  Frocks decorated with
beads, sequins  and embroidery

Glamour and elegance is just a frock away.

The  early Victorian period used corsets
and elaborate and painful methods including rib removal
to get the hourglass shape.   Give me Spanx anyday.

I never tire of looking at clothing from the 1920’s
and if given a chance would time travel back to that
era, but of course, I would want to be rich in order to
wear dresses like this.

Through out history, jewelry was used as a way to
show wealth and status.

1800’s silk dress.

The wonderful Riverside Museum is  a 
tiny little treasure just across the street from the
fabulous Misson Inn

About an hours drive east from Los Angeles

A pretty little town that provides a full day
of things to see and do and if you are lucky
and have been a very good girl....

you can sit in this courtyard at The Misson Inn and have a lovely lunch,

a nice glass of Champagne....

While gazing upon this fab view.
A rare and wonderful, clear, sunny afternoon
in Southern California.

Take care to enjoy and stay warm and cozy wherever you are in this last week of January...          


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