Tuesday, March 20, 2012

gypsy bangle stacks

My girl Fancifuldevices has made a long awaited tutorial
on making these bangles.  One of the main purposes
is to clean up your stash.   Well my stash is pretty limited...
beads that I bought when I went to my first bead show and went crazy.
I bought without a vision or any ideas...just ohh look how cheap they are
and how many of them...It’s like buying shoes that don’t go with anything
and make your feet hurt...you never use them.  So anyhow...

I found it to be an exercise.

 It is starting to free me up ( well a little bit)

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Virgo...
I don’t know if it’s because My Inner Critic
(MIC) has a voice bigger than Ethel Merman
and is constantly telling me that what I make is no good...
and the big problem with that is that I believe her most of the time.

MIC is on my left shoulder, or my right, or sometimes both.
Even these bangles which according to Fanci are to be made
happy and carefree like...heck she even puts the TV on to make hers,
I took apart and redid and didn’t like and MIC was shouting
louder and louder and finally I said ENOUGH!

so I got all carefree like...
fanciful even.

well fancifaux 

The point being...is just sitting at the bench and working
exploring and learning.  Maybe one day MIC will not
shout so loud.  Maybe she’ll give helpful and gentle advice
and not be all Mother Superior about it. 
(boy those nuns sure screwed me up)

There is nothing wrong either with being neat.   That is my
nature.  I would have been the girl with the perfect stitches on her sampler.
I would have gotten a A+.    But when that perfection holds you back
and you don’t get anything done cause you keep taking it apart, well that
isn’t good either.  

Here’s my girl and her blog.
You can get the tutorial and try this on your own
or buy some of her extraordinary creations...
She doesn’t have an inner critic from the looks of things
but an angel sits on her shoulder and guides her as she produces
some Fanciful delightful devices.
now go....


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