Friday, October 7, 2011

The Crazy LA River

We had one heck of a storm the other day.
It rained buckets in the early morning...
so unusual for us at this time of the year.

 I live about 5 blocks from the L.A. River,
which is kind of a river but basically they
have turned it into a big concrete ditch.

Normally it flows very gently,
but when it rains a lot it gets pretty crazy.
We get every cigarette butt, Styrofoam cup,
and baby diaper that all the not so nice
people throw away in not so polite places
floating down this river which leads into
the Pacific Ocean.  

No wonder they have that giant mess in the
ocean near Japan.  
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


Two times the size of Texas.
90% plastic.
In some areas over 90 feet deep!


You can see from this picture that the water doesn’t
have too far to go before it reaches the top. 
This is from only an hour or so of rain.

Thank you all for your kind messages, emails, phone calls,
cards, flowers and presents after my mom’s passing.
I am coming around.   It’s easier because I know my
mom needed to go...she was suffering and now she is finally
at rest.
Your friendship and caring has meant so much to me.  xxc


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