Monday, January 23, 2012

New Work for a New Year

Changes have been occurring...

The muse has taken me to a different place.

and I follow breathlessly...

sometimes barely able  to keep up.

I’m working as I sleep...I wake up with ideas
and can’t wait to get started.  

and for me a remarkable thing is happening...
my work is taking on a completely different form...
it’s coming from my heart, my head, my stories...
Now instead of spending hours looking at findings from China
I’m taking a higher road...I’m digging around in my boxes and
looking at my years of collecting and turning it into wearable objects...
little sculptures...  The necklace I bought when I was 17...the buttons
my auntie Edith gave me...I’m bursting with joy ...the stuff has meaning to me.
I am an artist.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Giuseppe de Piero...The Website

This has been one of the reasons that the computer has been burning up over here.  As I mentioned
before, Mr. Beatnheart has been working with his old art school mate in Birmingham, England,
 Paul Shotan of artworks-unlimited to bring a long overdue website to fruition.

It is still a work in progress...this shows almost 20 years of work...

He’s been a busy man...

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Lot of activity...

 I put in some new listings in the shop...

 It takes me a lot of time with my
ADD and all....I fuss and bother and fidget and sweat until I
get it to where I think it’s ok... I love taking
pictures...but sometimes it takes way too long.
I have to figure out how to speed that process along
or I’ll make myself  even more crazee.

and even then I not completely happy...

Mourning Jewelry from England.
love this stuff... Thanks Queen Victoria.

cute lil old invites for your next bash..

yikes...outta focus...dang

the old “Keyboard Shot” for which I am famous.

and now...

I'm going wacko with jewelry making.  Now that
I’ve got my ipad(luv!!) I can hang out in bed, in the the garden and search for and look at
Etsy artists and different stuff is
taking a new direction and I’m chuffed!!  I want to incorporate
all the stuff I’ve been collecting for years and oh yeah wear
it around my neck and dangle it from my ear lobs.  I’m
no longer happy buying cheapo crap from China that everyone else has.
I want original.... I want unique...special...exciting...adventurous.
Can I hear an amen?

I’m banging metal with my husband in his studio.
Is he happy being my new teacher?   Kinda.

He’s kicking butt working on his website.  Is it
looking absolutely fabulous?   Yes and yes again...
wow...what a body of work...the man is a tireless genius if
I do say so myself.

I am so happy right now with new excitement with
my work..I can’t wait to get up in the morning.  I’m bursting
with ideas.   Wore some new earrings to a party and got
some really nice feedback.

I’ve grown up...I feel like my mama is standing over
my shoulder and shouting me on and giving me
mega encouragement.. things are coming my way... something has shifted...
like I’m totally different... 

Happiness for me stems from excitement about what I
am participating in...   and success with it.  Also
when people actually buy my stuff, especially the things I
make.  I know I can sell antiques.  I have been doing that
with a great deal of success for years now....but when you
create something and people buy it, well it is a validation
that you are on the right you carry on...I carry
on anyhow....I just love to, no have to (am obsessed with) tinkering with objects.
Be it fabric or metal or paper or beads.  I have to create
in order to be happy.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Have a Rocking New Year


I had read in Patti Smith’s book
"Just Kids"
that her mother told her,
“Whatever you are doing on New Years Eve,
 you will be doing for the rest of the year.

so I made sure I was doing this...

May all your dreams come true
in the New Year!



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