Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I’ve Just Joined A New Band...

 our first publicity photo...fab, gear.
I think we’ll go far...

he’s secretly in love with me...

Even though I’m A Loser, Paul said “When I saw her Standing There”, I just
knew she was perfect for the band. They were holding auditions on Penny Lane
and I  just came walking in looking  a bit like I had a Hard Days Night but when I
played and sang with them it just clicked, magical, meant to be..  But “She’s a Woman”
Ringo cried, we can’t have a bird in The Beatles.!!  John said “Woman” please let
me explain and I said “Help” i need an aspirin.  Paul said “I Want to Tell You” that I
“Got to Get you into My Life”....”Please, please Me”, I cried...In My Life I have
waited and waited for this.   “Wait” no more John bellowed...Your In luv..
Oh Darling!  I gasped.  I know that “Something” big is going to happen with this band.  “Girl” crooned Paul,  Abbey Road is waiting for you.  and so the rest is history..Good Night and The End...

The entire Beatles catalog has just been released on iTunes...It’s time
to revisit the soundtrack of my teen years and the fab moptops that
helped shape me. I was Beatle crazy from day one, got to see them in person
twice, from this day still know all the words, and enjoy playing their songs
on my Uke.  I love The Beatles and always will.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Art Museum, designed by Santiago Calatrava in l994.....Beyond wonderful.

Fantastic....A big white sailing bird on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The roof has flaps that open and close at noon.   

crossing over the bridge to the museum..Lake Michigan is in the back.

The “Seventh Ward”...upscale, trendy, fun..A former factory area on the Milwaukee River
turned into Lofts, shopping and great restaurants.

The old and the new emerge into one.

A glorious turn of the century (20th that is) building....

Wonderful old buildings....

column detail...

Fabulous Food Hall and restaurants housed in
an old building.

The Electric Company door detail.

River front walkway... Factory turned into Lofts...
Location, location, location....

Glorious old churches.... 

Light fixture detail...

Bronze doorway detail...a mini tile mosaic

..thankfully many old buildings were not torn down.

I took loads of pictures that day.  Milwaukee is a beautiful, fun city with lots to do
and full of old world beauty, charm and grace.   This, mixed in with a lively, modern, urban
side,  makes it a fun place to visit .   

An enclosed walkway for those blustery winter days.
Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to use that...

What would Milwaukee be without the beer that made it famous...

A funky entrance....

Beautiful old buildings at every corner....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Farm Aid...

Farm Aid Concert on October 2nd.

                                                       Willie Nelson and Steve Tyler

Neil Young

The concert took place at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin...It was one of the best
concerts that I’ve been in awhile.   The Fun Factor was off the scale.  This photo was taken
when we first arrived at 11am...This ball park is amazing.  There is a retractable roof on this
enormous, space age looking building.

Nora Jones ...so pretty and so naturally talented with a beautiful voice, gifted piano playing,
and charismatic stage presence.   I just love her.

 Ten hours later...full house!

Willie Nelson and N.Y.

At ll:30 pm the whole ensemble came out to do a few songs...It was a long day but
really a great one.

                                                              Dave Matthews...wow!

Sign me up for next year!    What a day...

Stay tuned....I’m planning a Giveaway.


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