Monday, April 12, 2010


and this is what I saw...

 ...Those six babies just clung to their mothers back.

so it appears that they live in a little family unit, with
the male sticking around or then again it could be 
another female...I am not an oppossum expert.. 
nor do I claim to be one..


I went outside to see where they went...It had been awhile since I
saw them.   And there they were...the whole little family, totally unafraid
of me ...showing no fear, bearing no teeth...and those tiny babies still
hanging on for dear life.. Creepy yet cute.   We get alot of wildlife
in our garden...amazing really for being in the middle of a major
city... I have seen many oppossums, raccoons, morning
I opened the front curtains and there was a coyote in the front garden.
Mind you, we are not in the hills or canyons...We live surrounded
by two major freeways...

Hey just a little change of pace from all the usual beautiful fashion layouts,
art projects, delicious pictures of food, fabulous recipes you see in alot
of blogs... Yes, life in the big city here in southern California!!

PS....We had the most killer rainstorm last night.  This is very late in "the season" for us...It is
so wonderful to get the rain as our water tables are dangerously low....too many folks, too little
water.   So when we get rain it is reason for celebration...unless of course you live in the  hillsides
and burn areas...Oh California...what a complicated place you are...  I always tell people
we pay dearly for this wonderful weather .


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