Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sheboygan, Wisconsin My Home Town

No Truer Words ever Spoken.

 On my trip to Wisconsin at the beginning of this month, I was able to look at my hometown with
fresh eyes and a renewed spirit.  After spending five days with my mom and brother, I took off on
my own in  my rental car and headed south to Sheboygan...  Lots of changes there, and all for the
good, but for the most part, many areas looked and felt exactly the same as it did when I was a little girl.

The new hotel on Lake Michigan

I was so lucky that day as the weather and sky were so beautiful.

the new lighthouse

The Riverfront has shown the most improvement.  This used to be just a huge pile of coal...Now
it looks so beautiful with lots of shops and a grand hotel modelled after the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego.

New condos now are a part of the River landscape...Before it was just a weed and debris filled eyesore.

The Sheboygan River merges with Lake Michigan and it is in this area that the city shines...

An old rescued boat now part of the new improved river front.

Who says “you can’t go home again”...

The old band shell in Shooting Park

 My hometown
is bright with promise and prosperity while still retaining much
of its original charm and appeal.   

I didn’t feel a sense of sadness but instead was filled with
joy at what my hometown has become.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home

my mothers hands.

My trip back to Wisconsin was a series of ups and downs and downs and ups.  Seeing my mother and
dealing with her dementia was difficult and painful.  She has changed so much since I saw her last year. Now her memory is really failing and at times did not recognize me.  It is like dealing with a repetetive toddler.  She has a hard time getting around but I was able to get her in my car and drive her around the countryside and through the beautiful park and zoo on the lake.  I just let her stay in her robe as she doesn’t seem to get dressed anymore.   In some ways she is easier to deal with and in other ways her bad qualities
are amplified and the feeelings I had as a child returned with a vengence.

I used all of my strength to dig deep in the well of compassion and kindness
and give her love and speak to her about her past and try to give her all of me
that I could.

Because as she am I..

 I pray for my dear sweet brother who has given up so much to care for her in his own home.
 He has a hard row to hoe.       

to be continued...


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