Monday, June 6, 2011

A very cool house in Venice, California

Recently, I went on the Art Walk in Venice.
We get two free passes because my husband 
donates an art piece every year for a silent auction
with all proceeds going to the Venice Clinic.

Study for a Northern Sky..Giuseppe de Piero

You walk around the many neighborhoods
and get to go inside the homes and
studios of the famous and not so famous.

buy nary a dull one in the bunch.

The artist that lives in this amazing home chats
with a couple of chicks.

It  is one of the most fantastic homes on the tour...
 something to look at on every turn.

colorful, creative, no holds barred.
do your own thing baby...

only in Venice...purple tights on granny.

They opened up the ceiling on this bungalow and painted
it a lime green.

 this room was painted teal, orange and

I have more pics coming up in my next post.
stay tuned...

Meanwhile, I have been consumed by my Etsy shop but
just loving it.   It is one of the best things that
has happened to me in awhile.  Thanks to all of you
who have payed a visit.

Take care,   


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