Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Already the Spring BULBS are in bloom.

We are having a very early spring this year.
Many of my bulbs (AND MY BLUBS) are already flowering.  I saw
the first of the bright yellow daffodils peaking
their little bonneted heads within the hedge.

The bees, the hummingbirds love this bush...
I don’t know what its called...I think it comes from
Australia.   It’s a massive vine like thing that I have
to hack away at a few times a year or it would cover our house.
I believe it could have been planted when our house was first
built back in the 1920s...It is that gigantic.

My boy cat Ginger just loves to eat grass...He’s
like a little goat.  I let him out to graze...under
my watchful eye of course.

Mallow bush kicking butt in the front garden.

Yeah that’s right...peach tree already in bloom.

Hope winter is treating you kind.  You are probably ready
for some blossoms yourself.  Life in California does 
have its advantages.

Things are going so well for me right’s a little scary almost.


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