Wednesday, July 25, 2012

exciting adventures ahead.

I got a new table and chairs  so now I can
work outside.    
This makes just a swell spot to work in when our
house gets to be 100 degrees inside.   And to think
we used to park our car here.   Now it’s a whole new room.
I move the beads I’m using and all my tools, wire and
stuff out there.  My mandrel and hammers are all set up as well.

So here is what I’ve been working on since 7 this morning.
They remind me of a crown of thorns... These are a lot
of work for me...just kills my hands...but when I look at
them now well gee whiz I just love em.

I wanted to use up all these tiny beads that I have...The holes
are so small so you can’t just bangle em up you have to weave
them in there.  It’s like sewing with wire.  I had these tiny
laboradite beads sitting around so I did some of these bangles
and experimented and tried new some
It’s sort of mindless, like knitting or crocheting.

Here is my famous" hammer as arm shot".

Spending the same amount of time trying to get some decent
pics of them.


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