Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A trip to Bountiful

Bountiful is a beautiful shop in Venice, California.

and as you can see...
it is indeed bountiful...

The owner has it down with displays.
Large, massive, overwelming...
not 3 but 300..

In this case, cake stands...

what if you want the one on the bottom?

This shop takes your breath away with its shear volume
of merchandise.

There are other things besides cake stands like
the most beautiful chippy, shabby furniture you could
find.   The owner helped to define this look in the very
beginning by scouring the back roads of the American South.

She was one of the first.   And her warehouse is full.
Her clients include many celebrities .

In case you want a pink cake stand.

or a white hobnail.

Yes, this is all in one store...

more bounty from Bountiful in my next post...

Have to go and open up my own little store  on the worldwide web...
Beatnheart on Etsy...not quite as bountiful but a nice little place to shop.

Cheers!   Cynthia

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey Baby...

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and let you
know that I’m working my butt off in my Etsy Shop
Taking a ton of photos and deleting a bunch more.

It’s much, much more time consuming than I thought,
but so far fun and creative...

Do me a favor will ya?  Please comment if you read this.
I had so much trouble with blogger and deleting of comments
last week that I’m not sure if I’m up and running properly
or if its just that no one wovs me anymore..

Have a wonderful weekend.. cynthia 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Going outdoors at bo.tan.i.ka.

This is the front of the shop bo.tan.ika
in the beautiful little seaside town of
Summerland, California

 A beautiful little old Victorian house that has
been turned into this stunning little place
full of delight.

and outside is a garden center...

and yes, everything is for sale.

clever use of succulents and containers.

How fab is this!

stony, mossy ...

oh yeah,  want this baby big time...

no, I think I want this one!

It doesn’t hurt that you can see the Pacific ocean from here.

tiny little pots of the unusual...

ideas to take home..

Summerland is a cute little stop just before you go into Santa Barbara...If you visit Los Angeles and
take the drive up the coast to San Francisco, be sure to make some stops along the way.  In fact you could take weeks just getting to San Fran,  so many cool little towns on your way up.

I have been super busy setting up my Etsy shop...all good things
take time and nurturing and this is no exception.  I am enjoying
the creative aspect of setting up the shop and it does’t hurt that
people are actually finding it and buying stuff...amazing!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shabby eye candy in Summerland

Mr. Beatnheart and I took a little day trip
to a little town near Santa Barbara.

It’s right on the ocean...It’s called  Summerland.
cute huh.

This shop is worth the trip alone.
It’s called “bo.tan.ik”
I didn’t have to do any set dressing
cause these guys have it down.

If you want to learn how to arrange and merchandise
your shop, just go here.

I wanted every single thing in this place.
I wanted to move in there and never leave.

It’s also a garden shop...this is where the guy did up
his succulents, flower arranging and pots for the
outdoor garden..  That sink!!  The Faucets!   Lust and Convet!

My husband couldn’t stand anymore of my gushing
and had to go outside for air.

but you can see why right?
If you were with me we’d be swooning in two part harmony.

And this is only the inside,
There’s lots more outside.

Do you believe it?

do you want these glasses too..?

what about those salt and peppers?
These folks have an amazing eye for what to buy.


I knew you’d think so...
I took about 200 pictures of this place...

Next post we’ll go outside..

I’m busy as a bee....Etsy shop takes alot of time
A full time  job in jammies...

come visit.  caw

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Sentiment Exactly

In a window in a pub in Santa Barbara, California

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A couple of cool moms...

My mom

Grandma Wolff

Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 1, 2011



Well...I finally got the nerve up to open an ETSY shop...
whew!... It has been sitting vacant for almost a year now.
What a struggle to do the banner! You may remember
when I was a complete and total beginner on the computer.
EVERYTHING  was  a  challenge!
So finally last week I looked at my little empty shop and
thought to myself “wait a minute”!  you’ve got
tons of stuff to put in there, what are you waiting for?

So I started to take pictures...

Lots of em...

German curtain rings

I can do that easily and with great joy!
and I can spend many an hour browsing 
and pretend shopping.

So now I appeal to you to lend me a hand
and give this girlwoman some advice...
cause I don’t know the ins and outs of all this
and I know that many of you do.

help me find a new home...

I follow and look at many of your ETSY shops and I can see that
lots of you are doing quite well.  So I would be ever so
grateful if you could share your knowledge and expertise
and help this newbie out with ways to get people to find me
and any other tasty tips that you can offer... 

Thank you...the staff at Beatnheart ETSY.


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