Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A trip to Bountiful

Bountiful is a beautiful shop in Venice, California.

and as you can see...
it is indeed bountiful...

The owner has it down with displays.
Large, massive, overwelming...
not 3 but 300..

In this case, cake stands...

what if you want the one on the bottom?

This shop takes your breath away with its shear volume
of merchandise.

There are other things besides cake stands like
the most beautiful chippy, shabby furniture you could
find.   The owner helped to define this look in the very
beginning by scouring the back roads of the American South.

She was one of the first.   And her warehouse is full.
Her clients include many celebrities .

In case you want a pink cake stand.

or a white hobnail.

Yes, this is all in one store...

more bounty from Bountiful in my next post...

Have to go and open up my own little store  on the worldwide web...
Beatnheart on Etsy...not quite as bountiful but a nice little place to shop.

Cheers!   Cynthia


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