Friday, April 24, 2015

The Monarch Butterfly needs your help

I spotted this little cocoon near a vent on my house
I kept a close eye on it...

Then one morning I saw this
A darkening and the faint image of orange wings!

Within minutes this happened!!

slowly pulling itself out of the cocoon

found its way to a Milkweed bush

Full beautiful splendor 

This was an absolute joy to watch...
and now you can have this happen in your own backyard!!

Please plant milkweed in your garden ....
The monarch butterflies need it for their survival..
You will be so happy that you did...this is something you can share with your children and grandchildren...Help to teach them the wonders of nature...and the miracle of birth..

I am enclosing a all the's so informative...then
 get some FREE SEEDS to fill your garden with
color and to save these beautiful creatures.

Here is the link...the butterflies and Beatnheart will love you


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