Monday, April 18, 2011

A day at Mauna and Lee’s

I spent the afternoon at my wonderful neighbor’s
house taking pictures of their beautiful garden...

creativity in every corner.

This once barren, weedy landscape took a few years
to pull together but just look at it now.

An eye for beauty and detail.

unusual plants

color and texture created with non-thirsty plants perfect
for Southern California landscapes.

bowling balls and boulders

I covet this old neon Paint sign that they salvaged.

creative use of color and form

Bold and fearless...

Mauna and Lee are not only creative to the core but
are such good people in so many ways.  They are local activists who put countless
hours into helping their Wrigley neighborhood and the city of Long Beach.

They are also loads of fun and have great parties.

The end to a perfect day...


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