Monday, August 6, 2012

loading up the shop

I’m getting ready for my trip to Wisconsin.  This will be the first time back since my mom’s passing.
I don’t know how I’ll be feeling... but it sure will be weird being in the house she died in and I’m bound to go through a lot of changes,  but I have some fun things planned and I’m ready to get out of the big city and be in my homeland which I miss, especially in the summer.   I am going to see one of my favorite bands, The BoDeans, in Oshkosh with my brother.  I also have a Blues Festival planned for a weekend so things ought to be pretty cool.

So in preparation, I’m working non-stop to fill my Etsy shop before I leave.  I just park myself in front of the fan because now it’s just too hot to sit outside.  This old 1920s house is hotter than a pistol inside.

More bangle stacks cause the ladies just can’t seem
to get enough of them....

and they keep selling..

and that makes me very happy.

I made many of these while watching a Marilyn Monroe
marathon on TCM...Bus Stop, Seven Year Itch
(The Sheboygan Conservatory of Music) and How to
Marry a Millionaire.

boho wedding

In closing, here’s a heart shaped
pee spot in the litter box...
I just couldn’t resist...


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