Monday, November 21, 2011

Building a Website...and a hair slide

My man is building a website with his
best friend in England.  He is learning
as he is going along.  New stuff...
new frustrations...

I can’t get on the computer!

He is learning Photoshop (I can hear the cussing
all over the house) and it’s causing him alot of grief.
But some of the stuff he is
And the site is looking awesome.  Good times.
The atmosphere is crackling with anticipation and
excitement on his new venture.  This is something
he has been talking about for along time.  He didn’t
know how or who or what.   But his equally
genius friend came to his aid...

but i still can’t get on the computer!

 To appease me he found time to make me a present.

Guess I’ll have to let him slide...


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