Friday, February 4, 2011

I Got A New Toy...

We just installed “Aperture”*

and I’ve been on the computer 

for about 10 hours 12 hours straight..

*(a photo manipulation software)

 I got me a new jones...

and I’m really, really hooked.

From now on

no photo will be left alone.

I’m tweaking em all!

And then with the help of my friend Jill over at GYPSY BROCANTE...
I went ahead and got into Picnik as well.

somebody stop me!
cause this is way too much fun and I
can’t quit!!

Way back in l971, when I got my first Minolta SLR camera,
I couldn’t put the thing down.   I carried it with me wherever
I went.  Then a friend took me into their darkroom and I
was hooked.  I took photo and darkroom classes at the
local junior college.  I started to hand tint photos with
colored pencils, crayons and ink...

then it all stopped and I gave up the hobby that I loved
and just got into other stuff.

And now, here I am again.  Thanks to my blog
and some nifty tools...I’m back doing what I
use to love so much.

Yay  Me! 


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