Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shabby eye candy in Summerland

Mr. Beatnheart and I took a little day trip
to a little town near Santa Barbara.

It’s right on the ocean...It’s called  Summerland.
cute huh.

This shop is worth the trip alone.
It’s called “bo.tan.ik”
I didn’t have to do any set dressing
cause these guys have it down.

If you want to learn how to arrange and merchandise
your shop, just go here.

I wanted every single thing in this place.
I wanted to move in there and never leave.

It’s also a garden shop...this is where the guy did up
his succulents, flower arranging and pots for the
outdoor garden..  That sink!!  The Faucets!   Lust and Convet!

My husband couldn’t stand anymore of my gushing
and had to go outside for air.

but you can see why right?
If you were with me we’d be swooning in two part harmony.

And this is only the inside,
There’s lots more outside.

Do you believe it?

do you want these glasses too..?

what about those salt and peppers?
These folks have an amazing eye for what to buy.


I knew you’d think so...
I took about 200 pictures of this place...

Next post we’ll go outside..

I’m busy as a bee....Etsy shop takes alot of time
A full time  job in jammies...

come visit.  caw


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