Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Working away...

In my continuing search for something new and different
(well for me at least)  I have become infatuated with these long
dangly earrings.  I have realized that as you get older a earring
that hangs near chin level adds a brightness and sparkle to your face
and makes me feel more cheerful and happy.

These frames are fun to make but oh boy what a challenge for
me to try and make them alike and also balance the components...
They are like little mobiles for the ears... so they sway and move.
 I used vintage Czech beads on these from a broken old necklace from the 1930
 now brought back to life in a new form.

Here are some long simple “ dreadlocks”    I used tiny jasper, bone and
other natural beads on these.  I thought they were pretty cool and hip. They have sold so I guess someone else seems to think so too.  

I am also fighting the urge (big) to buy more beads..!
I just love looking at the beads in Etsy shops and my shopping cart is full of them...
They seem to inspire new ideas but really I am fully stocked...only problem is is
that my tastes have changed so much since I first started to buy beads that now
I’m not so jazzed about what I have...it is a continual problem...I just have to
find ways to use what I have.


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