Saturday, March 20, 2010


A  Vintage French wall sconce for a single candle... Bought in Lille, France on my birthday..

A metal picture frame for a photo of your sweetie.   


A French rusty, painted metal frame shown without glass...
Bought in Lille, France l999..

 A French Holy Water Font with scene of Lourdes.
French childrens tiny little fingers dipped in this in their bedroom at night. 


A sterling flower pin signed Birgminham, England.
A love token to a special sweetheart? 

Sterling Silver pin signed A& Z...a morning glory?  lovely intricate detail.....
A group of religious medals...I have had a weak spot for these since I was a Catholic schoolgirl..and that has not changed...

         I have used this opportunity to show some of the items I have bought and use it as a chance for me to practice my "layout skills?"    These skills, I am afraid, are a crapshot at best with no  rhyme nor reason where the words will go or where the pictures end up..  I am sure there is a method to all of this!!

    These pieces will be going into my space at Wertz Brothers Antique Mall in Santa Monica within the next few weeks.   I have been going through boxes in my workroom and am starting to sell items that I have had stashed since 1997 when I took my first buying trip to Europe...

   I guess the time has come.....Things come and they go.. Somethings I can't bear to part with, so I keep them for awhile, boxed up and taken out on occasion to admire them...Often times, I keep things in my home or wear things for awhile and then I move them on.  Most of the things I buy have stories to go along with them. I remember the day, the dealer, the excitement of finding it and the knowing that someone will love it.
    I feel the urge for another buying trip and so now is the time to sell some of my treasures in order to buy more.. I love what I do and I do what I love .. how blessed I feel to be able to do that.. Have a wonderful first Spring Sunday...


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