Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making Do.

I try to think of myself as a person who is not wasteful.  Someone who cares deeply about the planet and
the world that we live in.  I try to make do with what I have.   Anyone can go out and just buy stuff.  I like to make it myself.

  So as I was sitting at my studio/kitchen little cat Princess, now blind and elderly, clawed her
way up into my lap as I was just beginning to get started.  Not wanting to move her, after all she so bravely made her way up and was already purring madly, I decided to work with what was right in front of me.
 Normally I walk around, pick up this bead and that one, ponder it, put  it on, take it
off, try something else...I make myself crazy with indecision.  But this time was different.  Just make something with the pile that was within arms I presented myself with this challenge.

and this was the result after sitting at my workbench for nearly
two hours without getting up.

I had a dimestore plastic necklace that I got at a garage sale
this weekend.  I was planning on using just a part of it...
I never thought I’d use the beads.

Much to my surprise those beads took on a whole
new vibe once released from their old habitat.
 They looked tribal, ethnic, like old bone.
They were free!   They were happy! 
and I have discovered that sometimes it’s the
touch of the human hand that puts life
and meaning into objects.

Beauty can be in the simplest of materials.
We all think semi-precious stones, gold, silver..,
these are the status symbols of wealth and cool
but this little humble necklace already exsisted...
it was bound for the bin. 

  Giving these things a 
new life is rather thrilling....and pretty feel good.


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