Monday, October 1, 2012

Some New bangles.

Yeah...more bangles.
Making these are like knitting to me...
when I am stuck I go to the bangles to free me up...
I don’t have to think too hard ...just create and play...
add and subtract...I know how they will turn out (basically) and
the problem solving is I am still working
without busting my brain apart trying to figure something out.

I’m working on new techniques and I have
to say...they are rockin my old standards.

What’s different?  The wrappage for one...
What I am aiming for is a bracelet that really looks
and feels like it came from some remote tribe
with not many tools and not a whole lot of things at
their disposal.  I wanted the wrapping to look thick,
like leather...old worn leather...used before but still
usable...I wanted more volume... more I 
wrapped it and then wrapped it again and then just
globbed on my secret potion of wax and scents and mojo.

It all started when I cleaned my workbench....I mean
really just swept the whole kit and caboodle into baking pans...
clean sweep...put those pans away and looked at just was left
in my table top “containers” and decided to work with what was
there in front of me...

I said to myself....use this stuff with it...manipulate
it into something else...
and use the beads you have...Got this zebra one from a
gift package/ exchange...can’t remember who but dang so
cool....Thanks to whoever...wish i had a pile of these...

and my ever continuing journey of messing around with picMonkey
and now using photobooth on the Mac to get these shots of how
the bangles look on...and designing my beatnheart t-shirt and
playing America’s top model without a head.

Well...blogger is not letting me add more pictures and gee wiz
you just can’t  fight it sometimes...
The Universe is telling me to get back to the work bench...
But all is’s hotter than hell
like 90 something but I’m feelin
good today...Husband is on his way
down the 405 South... from his LA Mid-town stu dee o...
maybe I can talk him into taking me out to dinner
cause i don’t wanna cook don’t make me no sinner
and after all it wouldn’t hurt if i ended up thinner...
(say that like you was (w)rapping...)
so peace out homies
till next time...


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