Sunday, September 2, 2012

Belle Armoire Jewelry September 2012


Well the day finally arrived.  The autumn issue
of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine hit the newstands...

and yes...I was in it...well exclamation points galore
because who would have  ever thunk something like this would 
happen to me.

I was contacted by the editor herself asking me to submit seven of my pieces.
I thought someone was playing a cruel joke on me...
and beyond flabbergasted... just couldn’t believe it ...How did it happen?

So I got  to work and did my presentation...all the info on how I made the pieces,
what materials I used, took photos and shipped them off to the mag.

The magazine features articles and also has a section called The Boutique.
The Boutique shows a picture of your piece and your name.  I thought
that there was maybe a remote possibility of me getting in there...Remote...
very remote.
An article, is well pretty darn cool and so is being in the boutique section
but an article is,  well,  AN ARTICLE!!  with words and pictures and who
you are and your influences and all that cool know like a movie star.
Well I didn’t expect anything...why me?  nothing like that ever, ever, happens 
to me.  I’m from Sheboygan for cryin out loud!  But low and behold, in about
two months I got an email from the editor saying congratulations you are getting
in and we are using all seven of your pieces and you’re going to have an article
and you have to write it!   Well geez I have to write a magazine article? 

So I set  myself to work and  wrote up my articles, but basically it was the same
stuff I did with my submission, so cool -not that much work left to do after all.

So, now that I am a famous celebrity Super Star will
I still talk to all you guys?  Will you start asking me to
lend you money?

But wait....there’s more...The sweet, adorable wonderful editor is putting the rest of the submissions
in the next that means I’ll be in two magazines this year and since they are on the newstands
for 3 months I’ll be sitting around in Barnes and Noble and all the very fancy magazine stands for a  total of one half year.   I embarassed the crap out of my husband by waving the magazine all around
 the store, telling everyone in line I was in the mag, showing them the article, signing was pandemonium!  

So’s ups and downs eh? 

Thank you Belle Armoire Magazine for making my wildest dreams come true.


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