Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well it sure wasn't dull

2011 is a year I'll never forget. I lost my mom...a big, ginormous event in any ones life. I am still not settled down from that and am dealing with it on a daily basis in the best way that I can.

I got a job in the corporate world, and found out soon enough that I am not cut out for that...
That suited me about as much as the size X sweatpants I used to wear.   I lost 20lbs... Goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen,  goodnight.    I've kept it off and this is the first New Years Day in my life where
 I didn't need to start a diet.

 I started my ETSY site. Set it up by myself, set up PayPal myself. Yep me, formally known as" she who was computer illiterate" now kicking butt and trying STUFF I WOULD  HAVE NEVER EVER TRIED BEFORE.

 I have stuck with a Yoga program and have not given it up.   I am a card carrying Yogini.
  I've created a new body...don't get me wrong..It is still the body of a woman who has gained and lost many times that I have lost count. I still wouldn’t wear a swimsuit in public but if I am held together with black cotton and lot's of lycra I don't look too bad. But the stength, the flexibility, that has come from solid hard work and a firm desire... It did not come from reading a magazine article or talking about how I would love to do it but,  it came from putting in the time on the mat.

  I brought in more sales at my antique mall space this year than last year...huge,  considering a lot of places have closed down.. I just changed up my game plan and worked harder and put in more time.

My music has been taken to a whole new level, again through diligent  work and practice and meeting
new people in The Long Beach Uke Club.  I play with my rock and roll and blues boys and keep up
with them.

All in all a full year..I am hopeful for the next...I am going to work even harder. And mostly
slow down in the process and relish the moments, love and appreciate my friends, be a better
friend, give more, see more movies, play a lot more music, dance more, get outside to run and play, be a better wife, a better citizen and a better me.

 Thanks to you all for a wonderful year. You all have helped me in more ways than we'll ever know.



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