Friday, March 25, 2011


There are days when I miss my hometown
something terrible.  


especially Lake Michigan.

The quiet tranquility, the sound of the soft waves rolling oh so
gently on the sandy shore...small and constant
a rhythm, a pattern all its own.

No noise
No roar of traffic
No Police helicopters buzzing overhead
No sirens every ten mintues
No loud booming monotonous music
coming out of obnoxious cars filled with rude people
No smell of smog
clear blue sky
gentle breeze

I miss the smell of the fishy brine,
the soft moan of the foghorn
the broken jetties jutting out from the sandy beach
The way those jetties are old and collapsing and
still the same as when I was a kid.

The water is icy cold and when you jump in
your skin turns a mottled purpley color...cold..much colder
than you remember.   How did we play in this freezing water
all day long when we were young?  

I get nostalgic now and then.   It’s no wonder I’m
an antique dealer.  I long for the old days,
simpler times...the beauty of nature.
Living in the city doesn’t nurture me.
I’m a fish out of water.

Living in California has its beautiful weather
it’s exciting adventures and possibilities
anything can happen here...
It’s wide open if you have the guts and courage
to go for it.   Don’t get me wrong.  I am
blooming in the soil at which I am presently planted.

Sometimes, being a grown-up is just plain hard.
and I wanna go and play in the water
bucket and spade in hand and splash in the
icy waters of Lake Michigan.


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