Sunday, April 15, 2012

A little trip to the desert

We went on a day trip to the desert to visit a friend
of Mr. Beatnheart...

The desert at this time of year is just beautiful...
perfect weather , spring wildflowers...

I haven’t been out of the city in many months...
it was wonderful to just hear the wind blow and
hear nothing but the birds.

To some people this looks like a pile of junk...
I was in rusty heaven...I mean look!  old beer cans!
The kind you use to use an opener long
ago was that?  jeez, I can’t even remember.  You
know before pop tops.  Ah some of you youngsters
won’t even remember that... poor things...

I bought quite a few of these home...assemblages,
props....I see all kinds of stuff happening here.

Joshua Trees 

an old dump...paradise!
Jeez even in the middle of nowhere I’m “shopping”.
Wish I had me a shovel.

clear blue skies...fabulous rock formations

Linchens?  gorgeous colors what ever they (it) is.

Raven's nest...We watched her as we dined al fresco
on the terrace.

an old ghost town...
once a very prosperous gold mine...we heard
that now that gold is so high they are back in there mining...

We were near Lancaster/ Palmdale area...
some of you may know it from the famous David Hockney painting


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