Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trips down the PCH

We took a little trip down the Pacific Coast Highway
on my husband’s birthday...
First stop, the quaint beach town of El Segundo 
where we discovered
this great little restaurant called
The Richmond Bar and Grill.
El Segundo is located right next door to LAX
so if you ever find yourself stranded at the airport
for awhile this would be a great little pit stop
for lunch.

It was like a blast from the past...
old timey soda fountain stools, lots of old
memorabilia on the walls...great beer selection
and homemade potato chips.

Next stop...San Pedro and another old little cafe.
I half expected the burgers to costs 25 cents
and nickle cokes. We didn’t eat here
because we were still stuffed from The Richmond.
 San Pedro is just south of
El Segundo and we drove the coast to get there.
The views on this drive are amazing as you course
through Rancho Palos Verde, a beautiful area
that reminds me of Maui.

The Pacific Ocean from the top of the cliffs
in San Pedro

The boats in the distance are loaded with cargo going
into the port of Long Beach.

The old Lighthouse

A fabulous Turn of the 20th Century building.

A tree that has seen many a wind blown day

This little park right on the bluffs is a great place
to spend the day with a picnic.

The park had an old Spanish Style Band shell.
I wondered if they still have concerts here.

Driving home via The Vincent Thomas Bridge.

It was a great day out and proved that little mini vacations
can be had very near your own home without boarding a plane
or driving too far.


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