Friday, April 19, 2013

Saturday’s Public Practice...and how it went. went fantastic...what a day.

 I was nervous/excited because I didn’t know what to expect.
Of course, the freeway was jammed and I got tense about being late,  but Mr. B said he’d drop me off at the location and then he would go and park.

  I got to the sign-up table just as the Cathedral bell chimed three times...

This was my first location...right in the center of the lawn at newly built Grand Park, with City Hall looming in the background...absolutely brilliant location and a beautiful slightly overcast day.

Some of my friends came along
which sure did add to the fun factor.

 the city skyline.

That’s Mr. B with the camera, and Matt and Tina.

After I practiced for 45 minutes,  I was moved to a another location
on the second tier of the park, in the Flag Garden. This time I was left alone, as my companions walked around to look at the rest of the park and the other musicans.

This chick got a pretty cool location.

My alloted practice time was up at 5pm so I had time to look around...
I didn’t get too far...

I saw this cello player in my old location.
I went up to him and watched, looked at what he was playing and it was an Irish Jig...
Well it looked kinda easy to me, so I said, wanna jam?  I knew now that the rules were pretty lenient,
so I thought why not....and boy oh boy am I glad I did cause it was big fun...

The kid and I just jammed that jig...he was happy cause he said he never played it that fast or all the way through...we kinda fell in love, but don’t tell his ma.

I read a little music but not much.  When playing the uke, I just follow chord diagrams, not notes.
This sheet music had the chords and I knew the song, so it was something I could do.

Well I never even held a cello, so he let me hold it and I tried to play...
man oh man is it hard...He said he’s been playing for five years and
it’s still really hard to play.
 He played the uke too...what a cool kid.

A high point of my life and I am so glad I did it.  I practied just like I was suppose too...I chatted with my friends, but practiced as well, and made mistakes, and swore outloud, just as I do at home when I practice. 

  And I learned that it is not the destination, it’s the journey...that the hours of practice do end up meaning uneventful as it may seem at the time.   That the time you spend gets you to where you want to go but you’ll never really get there cause there is always more to learn and you always can get better and I need and want to be better....and that is just one of the reasons I love music so and why it is so meaningful  too me...

  And I learned the importance of stepping up and moving beyond your comfort zone and putting yourself out there...

On Tuesday night, all the participants are invited to a private party with dinner and a jam session at The Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, right there in the fabulous Music Center....
I hope the kid is there.

sometimes, I Love LA.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Crazy Birdy Day...the update.

Well another day full of bird activity in the garden...
This sweet little chap crashed into our window with a thud...
He didn’t seem to hit it very hard and I saw him fly away, but then when I went
out there, there he was sitting on our outdoor settee.

So of course I had to rush into action and save the little bugger...
and  take some photos of him to add to my collection of
ever growing bird rescue pictures.

(please do not take notice of my jewelers hands and dirty fingernails)

This little beauty did not want to leave my hand and just clung
onto to me...I had to practically pull him off of me and
put him in our “safe zone”...high up on one of my husband’s sculptures.

He was in there for awhile...
I thought, oh no, he’s a goner...
but when I went near him, he looked at me and off he went....

and then this happened!!
all in the course of an hour!!!

The brand new baby mockingbird fell outta da nest!
no feathers on his little wings...lookit him!!

 I called Mr. Beatnheart at his shop in LA ....
“come home” I cried!
he said “I can’t...I have too much work”
I said " come home!"

Right now he's on his way...25 miles on the 405 freeway at rush hour...

The parent birds are frantic and chirping and tweetin
away out there...I am watching baby...we will try to put him
back in the nest...but it’s kinda high...
oh dear.




Public Practice in downtown Los Angeles

I have been selected to particpate in The Music Center Public Practice, as part of the Music Center's Active Arts program.   I will be practicing for two hours at 3pm on Saturday April 13th.  I have not yet received my exact locations.

 I am honored to have been chosen and completely blown away that I was selected out of so many applicants.

  Our city’s downtown area has been revitalized and happening     .. and now, with Metro Rail going to the Westside, even my friends from that area can hop on the train and get to downtown LA with less hassle, no parking fees and see parts of the city on the way that you never get to see from your car on the freeway.  

Here is a link and video to show what to expect...Thank you Music Center and The Active Arts for making another dream of mine come true.


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