Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Earrings that I’m making.

I’ve got a new jones.   Making earrings.
I have struggled with necklaces...and hassled
with bracelets.   But making earrings?  
Easy.  Fast.  Quick gratification.

I made these modern day Mourning Jewelry ones
the day Amy Winehouse died.  A tribute to her.
I used jet Victorian buttons on these.

Old Amethyst beads, vintage rhinestone spacers,
old Art Deco connectors.

Citron colored crystal beads saved from a decayed
Art Deco necklace found in a shop in England.

These blue beads are Czech Picasso Saturn's.
Love, luv, love these.

These purple ones were harvested off of a 1920s Art Deco
necklace that I found in a dusty old box at the  Newark Antique Market
In Northern England.

I have never worn swinging, dangling earrings.
I always went the modest route with studs and silver hoops. But these feel so cool to wear and
  they feel great swinging under my hair.  I’m hooked on them now.   

I am not a bragger...  or a very good self promoter.  People
often say to me.."Gee, I never knew you could do that!"
I dislike blowing my own horn.  In la, la, la “L.A.Land"
everybody is always bragging about something that they do.
Heck I’m from the Midwest...we don’t do that kind of stuff.

So I quietly made these earrings at my kitchen table.
They are for sale in my etsy  shop.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Southern California in the winter.

Southern California in the winter..

some random pictures...

on a beautiful sunny clear day.

When it rains down here...
It snows up there.

If the air quality is good this is what we
get to see.  A day trip to some antique stores
near Riverside and these are the views we got

78 and sunny.

This is why we put up with traffic, crowds and crime.
You can’t beat this weather and that is a fact...
and that is why a zillion people have flocked to live

This is my kind of winter.  Hope you are enjoying yours.
Tonight...a annual post thanksgiving dinner at an old friends house.
They have been doing it for 21 years.
rock on Murph and Paul.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

A very fine stained glass window at The American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin.

Gratitude is what keeps us going in the midst of
pain and sorrow.  It’s what makes us realize how good
we have it.   Without giving thanks for what we have
we are nothing but takers.  And when you are nothing
but a taker you are nothing.

Today and everyday I give thanks for my warm, cozy home.
My husband.  My pets.  My friends.  My neighbors.
My creativity.  My music.  My health.  Yoga.  My business.
My self.  

Gratitude is part of my daily life.  Not just today but everyday.
I give thanks to all you for your kindness, warmth and friendship.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Building a Website...and a hair slide

My man is building a website with his
best friend in England.  He is learning
as he is going along.  New stuff...
new frustrations...

I can’t get on the computer!

He is learning Photoshop (I can hear the cussing
all over the house) and it’s causing him alot of grief.
But some of the stuff he is
And the site is looking awesome.  Good times.
The atmosphere is crackling with anticipation and
excitement on his new venture.  This is something
he has been talking about for along time.  He didn’t
know how or who or what.   But his equally
genius friend came to his aid...

but i still can’t get on the computer!

 To appease me he found time to make me a present.

Guess I’ll have to let him slide...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day
of the eleventh month
we stop to remember the fallen.

Remember all the brave men and women both past and present
who have fought and died for our freedom.


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