Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Practice makes Perfect?

I am not a natural...
I have a lot of fear and self-doubt.
I censor myself and think too much.
i hold back.

thinking too much

I have to practice and repeat things over and over.
And my memory isn’t too hot.

But the enjoyment I get from it and the
feeling that I get from playing music,  writing songs
and performing them...

 makes it all worthwhile.

The Ukettes

Sometimes you just have to conquer the fear and
dive in head first.  You get people who are telling 
you that your crap...but you just have to carry on

Playing with good friends, the ones that support you
and believe in you and help you on your path makes
things less painful.      


and when the party is over and 
another year is upon is...
it’s back to the practice room with
new ideas, bigger plans and setting my mind
to be more focused, more accommodating and
forgiving of myself for not being perfect..I’ll
never be that.  I’ll never be famous or fabulous.
just trying to be authentic to who I am and
finding my own voice.


Fab neighborhood Party ringing in 2011
Thank you Mauna & Lee...

I don’t have the voice of an angel.
I sure wish I did but it’s very ordinary...
but I do love to sing and I love to play,
and I know that by doing it I can overcome alot of
other stuff that is standing in my way.

So in this New Year...

I want to conquer all that stuff and I want
to do it just for me...and not to please others.
and stop worrying about what they think about me.

Because the only thing worse than failing
is never trying at all...


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