Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Peace, joy and happiness...

As I am winding up the year I can’t help but
think  of all the stuff that happened...both good
and bad, but mostly good and certainly promising.

I am trying to live my life with gratitude above all.
I am turning around my thinking...
negative thoughts are being replaced.

I am amazed sometimes at what the voices inside
my head are saying...and even more amazed that
I have been allowing it to happen.
Now I try and catch these thoughts and replace
them.  “Shut Up”...I tell myself...sometimes
over and over again.  

I struggle...

Trying so hard to let go of so much crap...
Letting alot of it go...just go.
just doing it.

Enjoying these last couple of days.
2011...certainly a year I will never forget.

Peace, love and prosperity to you all.
Thanks so much for being there.


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