Monday, February 7, 2011


a lot of plants in my garden are succulents.

They are hardy, easy to propagate and  to share cuttings with others 
is so easy...just clip or break off a piece, let it dry out abit to form a callous and
push it into the soil, water lightly and away you go.
 In this climate  they grow effortlessly.   Mine break off,  fall to the ground
and take root wherever they land.  And  if you
have one you have a million, they are that easy.

It takes alot to kill them.  

I have some that I just threw in my potting shed in a empty flower pot and they
are still growing.  No soil.  No da... They are a little mad at me but still
they carry on with their easy grace and charm.

They get along well with others.  

I just put these in an old birdbath with
a little soil and some pebbles

In California, anyone can grow them. They live without alot of care,
fuss, and most importantly they don’t need alot of water.
I love the variety of shapes, colors and sizes. 

Answers to your questions...
(from my own experiences, I am not a professional)
so take these  with a grain of salt.

Jeanette...I don’t know jack about gardening in Phoenix, but  I would
say...too bloody hot!  Put yours in the shade, water well but not too mushy.

They grow in any kind of dirt, but to be kind and give them a good start
I buy the special “succulent and cactus mix” soil.   They like good drainage.

Look around your hood and see what everyone else is doing.   If
it works for them it will probably work for you.

Jan...I remember  the “hens & chicks” in Wisconsin.  I was a kid then
and didn’t have much gardening experience, but I think they overwinter
outdoors.  Ask a Grandma.

They are perfect to put in your broken china cups, hang on a fence in all kinds of ways
(this is where your cleverness comes in)  Recycle stuff you didn’t know what to do with
but love.


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