Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beatnheart goes to Mrs. Tiggy Winkles...

With Riverside, Calilfornia still on my mind, I
would like to show you a really cool shop that
is located right across the promenade from The Misson Inn.
It is called "Mrs. Tiggy Winkles"....Now normally alot
of these kind of shops are too frou-frou and frilly for me,
with alot of not so great merchandise...This place however is an exception.

This is the proprietor of the shop, CeeAnn Thiel...
She is one heck of a groovy chick with exceptional taste
and a great eye for cool stuff... She was friendly and willing
to share.  It was like visiting a friends house..In fact
 I was ready to go home with her afterwards and carry
on the party...

Beautiful stuff in every corner...The layout and displays are
really creative... She shops all over the place and knows
where to get the best......  This shop has it all..
Great soaps, candles, an outrageous selection of cards
that are unique and so different from anything else out there.
I loved just about everything in here!
Alot of the merc was displayed in Antique shelves
or buffets...I wanted that stuff too!

Little vignettes everywhere.  English husband even bought 
something!!  Usually he doesn't even go into shops that
look girly... He bought one of these bird pictures that 
are mounted on glass.  CeeAnn seems wilingly to
buy things from vendors who make handmade and
unusual items... 

More cool bird stuff..

An Asian themed section...

One storefront couldn't contain all this great stuff,
so she got the shop next door too...

So when you make that trip to The Misson Inn, be sure to visit this shop
3675 Main Street
Riverside, California 92501


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